I am the proud Mom of two grown
children and live on Vancouver Island
in BC Canada.
My family
It worked out perfectly having one girl and one boy, as I can legitimately say I have a favorite daughter and a favorite son.

What Did I Really Want?

I was very fortunate in that I was able to stay home and raise my two beautiful children in their early years as well as train and show my horses.  Then divorce hit and I was forced to go back to work.

My Children and Their Poney Cory

Training Session

I spent several years working jobs and making money for other people.  I always knew I wanted my own business, I just didn’t know how to get there.  I had several things on the go…meat birds, eggs, exotic birds, bee hives.  The bee hives were the last straw.

Good to Bad in Four Years

Early in 2008 I was offered a partnership in a local business that I had been dealing with for over 13 years.  Sales had been dropping every year, but in my eagerness to “have my own business”, I convinced myself that I could turn the business around.

I jumped in with both feet and then…the recession hit.  We went through some hard times and were just starting to get back on our feet when suddenly our sales were dropped faster than ever and our suppliers were demanding payment.

One of our competitors had crossed the line and did some dirty work and we didn’t find out until it was too late.  We laid off the last of our staff, and we worked the next year taking home zero income that entire year.  Enough was enough…I was done!

Over the course of four years with that business, I lost over $100,000.  That hurt!  In the meantime, I had also joined a network marketing company and was desperately trying to get that going at the same time.

I was getting nowhere with it.

I left that company and joined another, and started to realize that it wasn’t the company that was the problem, it was me.

I wasn’t good at convincing people, or prospecting, or approaching people at the mall, nor was I good at selling stuff.

I started thinking this just wasn’t for me…I couldn’t do it anymore.  My friends and family started running from me because they figured I was in another one of “those things”.

I wanted to be helping people, not chasing them away from me.  I started looking online for help but had no idea what it was that I was looking for.

I Found The Help I Needed

That’s when I found MLSP. (My Lead System Pro)

MLSP has been my savior.  It’s taught me the “proper” way to prospect and market with Attraction Marketing (which was totally different than what my up-line was teaching me)

It taught me to brand myself, become a leader and market like a professional.  I made a commitment to trust the process and I know I’ll never go back to another job again.

I don’t have to chase people any longer, and I don’t pick up the phone until someone contacts me and lets me know what it is they want…LEADS and CASH FLOW!

MLSP has given me all the skill sets, the mindset, the tools, training and resources all in one place.

Before joining MLSP, I had absolutely no knowledge of internet marketing.  I always thought it was too technical for me and I just wasn’t into that.

That’s what I love about MLSP, you don’t have to be technical.  They’ve done all the technical stuff for you.

I found all I had to do is follow the step by step program they give you and you are on your way!  Make the decision, believe in yourself, and it will work for you too!  

It's become my passion to help others who want to finally break free and be able to spend more time with their families doing what they love to.

To work with me or check out MLSP click here to check it out.

Here’s to YOUR success

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