Consistency Is Key For Success in Business


Consistency – Are you lacking results because you're not consistent?

Consistency might mean different things to different people.  But when it comes to business, it should only mean one thing.

Taking the right actions on a regular and consistent basis, especially when starting out.

It's not what you do once in a while that will bring you success, it's showing up every day and doing what needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not.

That also helps to build up trust and reliability with your followers.

Trust is built with consistency. ~Lincoln Chafee Click To Tweet

It's that consistency that will determine how successful you'll be.

Whether you want to or not…you show up.

Whether you think you have time for it or not…you show up.

Whether you're getting results or not…you show up.

Whether or not you have people pulling you in different directions…you show up.

You need to make your money making activities the top priorities every day, without fail.

You need to be providing regular valuable content on a regular basis that helps your prospects.

Consistency is Key For Success



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Once you start being super consistent, it still takes some time to build up the momentum.  Chances are you probably won't see any results for 30, 60, 90 days, and sometimes even longer.

Don't give up just because you're not seeing results…remember when we first start new things, we usually suck at it, and that's ok…it's the way it's supposed to be.

But with each daily effort, you will get better at it each day.

Think of it as compound interest on a mutual fund.  You want to get your business to a point where it starts the snowball effect and it's like having the interest you're making make interest for you.

(Read Darren Hardy's book The Compound Effect…it's awesome)

That's when the snowball effect will take place.

It doesn't matter what strategy you use, whether it's paid advertising on Facebook, or Bing ads, blogging, video marketing, Instagram, Twitter etc…all strategies work when you stick with one long enough to master it.

Don't be like most and try to be on every social media platform out there.  Start with one strategy and master it before adding a second.

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Find value in this?  Feel free to share with someone it might help.  I welcome any comments you might have.




  1. Theresa Lovelace

    It's important to show up daily. Keep at it and don't give up. It takes time to see results but with consistency, you WILL see results.

    • Karen Andrews

      So true Theresa, too many people give up not realizing just how close they are to a breakthrough.

  2. Chris Shouse

    That is the problem most people give up what they wanted to focus on if they do not see results within a week. You have to build momentum and keep on it day after day! You will eventually gain traction and all of a sudden are noticed. Are you then an overnight success? (LOL)

    • Karen Andrews

      And that's exactly how it works. That's how people see that overnight success, they don't see all the trial and effort that took place before that success hit. You have to get that momentum building up.


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