Give Credit Where Credit Is Due


Give credit where credit is due.

Maybe some people forget to give credit where credit is due, or maybe they just don't care…I don't know.  It's a pet peeve of mine.

I see so many people putting quotes up on social media, and never giving credit to the original author.  It bugs me.

People that aren't familiar with the quote automatically think that the person who's sharing it is the original author.

Credit you give yourself is not worth having. ~Irving Thalberg Click To Tweet

That's just wrong, because when they start sharing it, if they do what should be done, they end up citing the incorrect author.

There's enough false information out on the internet as it is…let's put a stop to this shall we?

So many things are shared through different social media sites so it's very important to keep things true…so always make sure to give credit where credit is due.

I'm even seeing professional marketers share quotes without citing the original author, and that really bugs me.

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due – My Thoughts



If you found value, please feel free to share.  We need to get the word out and bring it to people's attention that it's important to keep original quotes with the correct authors.

I always welcome any comments or thoughts below.


    • Karen Andrews

      Thank you Theresa. I know I sure would lol

  1. Chris Shouse

    Yes, you should always give credit to the person that puts out the content. Not only quotes but stealing stuff that other people have put out on Facebook and other places instead of just sharing it.

    • Karen Andrews

      Good point Chris. I've had people save my images and then upload them to Facebook. Never understand why people do that, especially when they were branded with my website. Makes no sense to me.


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