What Are You Waiting For?


What are you waiting for?

What magical elusive things are you waiting for?


Everyone says they want a better life.  Basically, they want more money so they can leave their job, raise their own kids, spend more time with family, buy the fancy house or cars.

But that's about as far as they think, because the mind steps in and says, “I can't do it because I have a job, I don't have enough money.  I can't do it because I have kids.  I can't do it because I have kids and a job.”

So?  Literally thousands of other people have kids and multiple jobs and no time and not enough money…and yet they still do it.

Quit making excuses!

The ones who end up wanting more but deciding to wait, are quite often the ones who find themselves in some catastrophic circumstance.

Loss of a job, foreclosure on a home, having to stop work to look after elderly parents…the list goes on and on.  Is this what you're waiting for before you decide to take action?

What are you waiting for?

What sets them apart?  It's making the decision to do something about it, committing to it and making that game plan with the right action steps to take along with deadlines.

Waiting, wishing and hoping are not strategies.  You have to take action.

Some might feel that they're not “techy” enough.  You don't need to be techy to make a substantial income online.

Most won't believe me when I say this, but the tech part is the easiest to overcome.

The hardest part is overcoming the mindset, because your brain will tell you that you can't do it.

Your brain will tell you that you're not good enough, you're not as good as your competition, and that you're not worthy of making a lot of money.  (This can all be fixed by the way with this)

Anyway, back to the excuses your brain is telling you.  Most people that have a broke mindset will always tell themselves that they can't afford something.

There are two things that will help with that, and one is this post I did on money mindset and proven brain training technology to help rewire your brain.  (I've had fabulous results with this)

Ok, I've kind of gone off on a tangent, but I want to make this point about using children as your excuse to not to do something.

Are you waiting for your children to grow up and move out?  Are you waiting for them to finish college?

Kids these days have enough pressure growing up and becoming loving and responsible adults without adding the burden of being responsible for Mom or Dad not living the life they want to live.

Please don't do that to your children.  Flip that around and use your children as the reason to go after the life you want.

It will help, not only you and your entire family, but it will also make your children understand they they too can go after what their hearts desire.

If you think starting your own business is going to cost thousands of dollars…think again.

The ease of leverage on the internet has made having your own business possible to anyone that wants it.

If you're not sure where to start…click here to get the first step.

I hope this has helped light a fire under some of you, I know I now very much appreciate the fire that was lit under me several years ago.

Questions?  Email me at ===> [email protected]

As always, I welcome any comments you have below.


  1. Theresa Lovelace

    Great post with a simple but important messages. To get what you want, you gotta give up the excuses

    • Karen Andrews

      Thanks Theresa. It's the only way to get it done. Those excuses have to go!

  2. Chris Shouse

    I enjoyed this post very much Karen. Lucky or not so lucky I am now out of excuses. I have no responsibilities and no one to answer too. Think of all the years I wasted with excuses of working triple-double shifts at the airport baggage service office. Or before that various other jobs and I probably have worked 2 jobs most of my life. I am here now and no more excuses!

    • Karen Andrews

      Thanks Chris! And I hear you loud and clear! I wish someone had given me this message calling me out on my own BS many years ago lol.

  3. Sandie Nielson

    Fabulous content we need to not put off all of the things on our bucket lists or business ventures until tomorrow

    • Karen Andrews

      Thanks so much Sandie. You're absolutely right, we all know that tomorrow quite often never comes…or should I say we're SUPPOSED to know that tomorrow never comes.


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